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Here’s a little bit about us at Aronel Cottage. We are a family owned and run Home, with Registered Nurses on duty 24-hours a day. We try our best to have a cheerful, homely atmosphere. Established in 1975, Aronel Cottage was the first care home in Bognor Regis. it is our aim “to be recognised as the best family-run nursing home in Bognor Regis”.

Formerly a small, private school, the building has been extensively modernised and upgraded and the current registration is 38. The home has pleasant, south facing, well maintained gardens, situated in a quiet cul-de-sac, close to the town centre, Hotham Park and public transport. (See map at back of brochure)

Our recently extended South/West facing lounge and dining room has several nooks and crannies for residents’ privacy or socialising with an extensive window area. Some visitors have commented that “it is like sitting in the garden”.

Our accommodation consists of 34 single rooms and 2 twin rooms, many recently refurbished with 19 rooms en-suite. We like to think that all these rooms are tastefully decorated and colour coordinated.

Group photo celebrating the queens jubilee

All rooms are fitted with a TV point, night light and a modern Audio Nurse Call System for emergencies. Most rooms have a British Telecompoint.

We are registered as a general nursing home, we are not registered for clients with severe mental health issues i.e. aggression or anti-social behaviour. We are not a closed unit and don’t lock the front door. If your relative is liable to wondering, I’m sorry we are the wrong home for you. It has been our experience that you cannot mix a population of general nursing care with EMI clients successfully long term.

Residents are encouraged to bring personal effects and a few small items of furniture with them to make them feel “at home”. Residents’ rooms and possessions are private and personal and we shall ensure that they are always regarded in this way. Staff are trained to knock at the door before entering.

Most residents bring in their own TVs and radios because they are familiar with their use, but the Home can provide a portable TV set, if requested. There is a digital aerial throughout the home and we have a no satellite dish policy. TV licences are free.

Our links with local community are particularly strong, including local churches, The Chestnuts and Laburnum Day Centres, Bognor Golf Club, Middleton Sports Club and Bognor Gliding Club.

We have a no smoking and a no pets policy at Aronel Cottage.


Amanda, our full time Housekeeper and her Domestic Team are responsible for laundry and the general cleanliness and tidiness of the home. We have dedicated staff who carry out the residents laundry. “One person doing one job” means that there are few problems with lost or damaged laundry. Avoidable damage or loss of any article will be paid for by the Home.

Many visitors comment that they notice a distinct lack of ‘odour’ which is all to the credit of Amanda and her team.

A clothing repair service is also available (small cost to resident).


The Office will try to help any resident with their banking requests.

Residents Pocket Money

We don’t keep resident’s pocket money in the office per se. Most bank requirements are included in the fees. Please don’t leave residents with too much cash except for NOK who are unable to visit frequently, we have limited safe facilities.

Valuables / Inventory

Valuables – Lockable steel cabinets are fitted in all the bedrooms and the doors with Yale style locks, keys are issued as appropriate. Aronel Cottage recommends that residents do not keep excessive cash and that jewellery is kept in the office safe or lodged with a relative. The home has limited insurance cover and it is strongly advised for the guarantor to arrange additional cover for residents own personal belongings of significant value.

Inventory – It is the homes policy not to take an inventory of resident’s belongings, to protect their privacy.

Should you require further explanation, please ask Mr Hitchcock


Free toiletries are provided from standard stock. We can also arrange for items not kept in our shop to be purchased on resident’s behalf, via our account at Superdrug, which will be delivered usually on the same day. (The invoice arrives with the delivery, and forwarded to the NOK.)

For any queries please contact us here

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