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Julian Hitchcock, our Proprietor is the home’s registered Manager and deals with most administration on a day-to-day basis.

The home is happy to fill out the medical/care sections of forms, but we ask relatives to fill out relevant sections as far as possible.


The Office will try to help any residents with their banking requests.

Residents Petty Cash

All residents have a pocket money tin locked in the office which we ask the families to keep topped up to £40-£60. We can also cash cheques up to a limit of £200.00.


Mail is delivered to the office, where it is sorted and then taken round to residents’ rooms.

If residents are unable to comprehend their own mail we will forward on to relatives. (Stamps and stationery are always available for sale.)

The office email address can be used for sending and receiving  residents’ mail. But we do not always open our email inbox every day. Please phone with urgent messages and post personal correspondence.

Valuables / Inventory

Valuables – Lockable steel cabinets are fitted in all the bedrooms and the doors with Yale-style locks, keys are issued as appropriate.  Aronel Cottage recommends that residents do not keep more than  £20.00 cash and that jewellery is kept in the office safe or lodged with a relative.  The home has limited insurance coverage and it is strongly advised for the guarantor to arrange additional cover for residents’ own personal belongings of significant value.

Inventory – It is the home’s policy not to take an inventory of residents’ belongings, to protect their privacy.

Should you require further explanation, please ask Mr Hitchcock


The home has its own version of a “hospital trolley shop”. Complimentary toiletries are provided from standard stock.  We can also arrange for items not kept in our shop to be purchased on the resident’s behalf, via our account at Superdrug, which will usually be delivered on the same day.  (The invoice arrives with the delivery, and the home settles the account which is usually refunded via the resident’s pocket money tin or we write to the NOK.)


Due to the overwhelming number of nuisance/ sales calls, we have reluctantly out-sourced the initial answering of the telephone to a reception service. Be assured, that genuine callers are patched through to speak to a member of staff.

A digital mobile telephone, which gives good reception in most of the buildings and gardens, is available for residents’ use free of charge for local off-peak calls. (For all other calls British Telecom’s Advice of Deduction and Charge (ADC) system is used). All rooms have telephone points, Residents can have their own personal lines fitted typically for 10 to 14 days  (utility services will invoice the resident’s NOK directly). Staff are happy to take messages and help with outgoing calls.

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